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Dana Gowen, DC
Dr. Gowen has 15 Years of Clinical Experience Adjusting Spinal Segments

Dr. Dana Gowen is the owner of the Gowen Chiropractic & Rehabilitation center, a clinic that provides gentle chiropractic therapy, rehabilitation, and therapeutic massage to clients in Emporia, KS and the surrounding areas. With a strong background in chiropractic health care, Dr. Gowen provides for her clients a range of services that help them to learn about their conditions, restore their health and enjoy the benefits of pain-free living. Dr. Gowen applies an amalgamation of state-of-the-art equipment, her years of experience, and reliable treatment methods to her approach in alleviating migraines, and back and neck pain. As a certified personal trainer, she is equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to support the unique needs of her clients. Lauded as a skilled clinician with a gift for relieving pain and stress in patients of all ages, Dr. Gowen specializes in healing her patients without the use of prescription drugs or surgery. She offers comprehensive treatment options including chiropractic care, massage therapy, rehabilitation, personal training, rehabilitation and more.


Dr. Gowen works with patients to help those who have been injured, and patients looking to receive therapy in order to reap the benefits of muscle relaxation, improved flexibility, reduced pain, and better circulation. She provides them with the insight they seek about their conditions and treatment options.  Dr. Gowen assists patients who have suffered auto and work accidents, and sports injuries.


Services Offered by Dr. Dana Gowen Include the Following:



  • Spinal adjustments
  • Auto / work accidents
  • Physical therapy
  • Sports injuries
  • School physicals
  • CDL and DOT physicals
  • Personal training
  • Pre-employment and random drug screening



If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Dana Gowen, please contact her.

Dana Gowen, DC
Gowen Chiropractic
Emporia, Kansas
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